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Inga-Charlotte Doerp maiden name Herrmann (1940-2018)


This website is dedicated to the artist Inga-Charlotte. Inga-Charlotte was a painter, sculptor and ceramicist who utilized her talents to make the world a more colorful and vibrant place.

Born in Berlin, Germany and inspired by her grandfather, she started painting as a young girl. After earning a degree in Commercial and Fine Arts in 1965, she immigrated to the United States. She worked as commercial artist in New York City and Montvale, New Jersey for 15 years. During this time, she continued painting, participated in exhibitions and owned an art studio in Nyack, New York.. 

In 1980, she moved to Hampton, Virginia. In the early nineties, she lived temporarily in Stuttgart, Germany and Vietnam. But her heart was always in Hampton where she permanently lived until her death in 2018.

Inga-Charlotte devoted most of her life to her art. Her main medium was acrylic paintings. She painted landscapes, animals, nudes, and pure abstracts. Her paintings are vivid and energetic and amazingly colorful.

During her time in Hampton, she had the opportunity to assist in instructing students at the Hampton University in creating ceramic art. This allowed her to share her incredible knowledge of color usage while she perfected her knowledge of how to work with clay. Her dazzling ceramic sculptures are uniquely creative.  

Every summer, she visited the “Europaeische Kunstakademi Trier” Germany with her close friend Lu Haeussermann “www.” to participate in art courses “Freies Aktmalen”, “Figur und Raum” “Figur und Bewegung”. It was there that she developed the technique that enabled her to paint and sculpt beautiful abstracts of the human body.

Over the years, Inga-Charlotte displayed her wonderful work in Europe, Japan, and New York. In Virginia, she was very active in the art community, exhibiting her work at the Peninsula Fine Art Center in Newport News, the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center in Hampton and various galleries on the peninsula.  She also donated artwork to non-profits for auctions. In 2006, she painted the official Virginia Beach Boardwalk Arts Show & Festival poster. She also taught painting privately.

Inga-Charlotte is dearly missed by her family and friends. Her personality as her art, was highly energetic and colorful. She enjoyed her friends, some wine and good times, and her favorite Japanese restaurant. She loved animals and especially cats. Let this website memorialize her vibrant and colorful energy for all of us.

Her grandfather Paul Herrmann also known as (Henri Héran) was an acclaimed artist, who worked in Chicago, New York, Paris and Berlin Germany. You can find some of his Art work at the following link  

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